December 6, 2009

Cruise to Umina

The Ride Stats
Time and date - 26th November 9:00am
Meeting place - Adcock park
Distance covered dolly-bunny - 38 km
Distance covered netti-bunny - 45.5km
Calories burnt - 1408 (total)
Active riding time ~ 2 and a half hours
Average speed - 16.3 km/hour
Maximum speed - 36.5 km/hour

After the hot weekend of the Hunter ride it was blissful to meet up with bunny Amanda on a slightly overcast morning. We set off in our bright flouro-vests meandering down the bike path towards Woy Woy. Cruising down the familiar road we felt the morning breeze and our confidence rising as this was sure to be an obstacle free adventure.

Low and behold we still managed to dish up a few dramatic moments...

Having successfully mounted the bicycle computer (with help from Bo) - the exciting gadget 4 bunnies took away from the workshop in October, stats were now being recorded left, right and centre with average & maximum speed, distance, riding time & odometer added to the heart rate and calorie counting... It's a wonder I stayed on my bike at all!

First up was Netti-bunny entering the throws of foot-cramp-city (again). Slightly panicked I dumped my bike in the hands of Amanda, took my shoe off and jumped around on one leg at the top of Brisbane Water Drive, an entertaining sight no doubt for passing motorists and innocent walkers. Luckily the cramp decided to leave pretty quickly, so we were able to mount our bikes and choof off again towards new and exciting places.

Cruisy Amanda

We made it through Woy Woy without any more hazards, and followed the bike path along the water - ohhing and ahhing at the beautiful views... until we passed this particularly stinky part (sewer and bird poo) of the pathway and decided promptly that we would not, afterall, covet to live just there...

A few innovative twists and turns later we found ourselves at the half-way mark with a lovely view over the southern end of Umina Beach. We stopped and had a few fruity (sugary) treats and took some photos.... and then Amanda said " How many calories have we burnt now?" Stat-queen looks down to discover that I had forgotten to start the heart rate monitor!! Oh well, being a stat-queen allows some innovativeness, so a quick double-up of the figures (all except average and maximum heartrate, which would have meant serious trouble) ensured we had all our stats intact :)

Beach bunnies

We cycled back a slightly different way (avoid the stinky part) to Woy Woy, where we chilled out with a nice coffee and a few laughs, before making our way back to the RSL turn-off in West Gosford. We waved merry good-byes and each went to conquer our last hill of the day: Amanda slugged off towards the Brian McGowan bridge to finish her ride by the pool, and I ventured on back up Kariong hill to colapse at home.
Time for coffee and a laugh


  1. Loving yer Woy Woy etc bikies.

  2. Hi Biker Bunnies, My friend, Eric Shackle, told me about you and your blog.

    You look like you have a lot of fun. Maybe a film could be made about your group since that's what I do.

    Have a look at my blog and the many films on it. I live at Avoca beach, by the way.

    Cheers, Mike Rubbo

  3. Thanks for visiting Spike :)

    Hi Mike, thanks for popping in to look :)
    Yes - fresh air, exercise and company is all you need. Had a look at your blog too; great photos and stories!


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