June 26, 2009

The Woy Woy hero bunnies

By biker-bunny Amanda :)

It started off like every other morning for the last 12 years, I woke up and clambered out of bed ready to get the lunches and scream out to the kids to get out of bed. But wait, this was not just like any other morning as I was going to go on my inaugural biker bunny training session, not with the biker bunnies from hell but with the tamer more chilled version – Noelle! Panic attack just like the harbour bridge hit me!

Rushing around like a bat out of hell, I managed to lift my bike onto the bike rack and screw it into place. Slowly reversing down my drive I realized that I would be driving like a Volvo driver, slowly and cautiously as I was not confident I had attached everything properly. True to form I drove for five minutes before I decided to stop the car and do an emergency screw check (and no there were NO boys in my boot). After checking everything over I proceeded on my merry way and met Noelle at Gosford Swimming Pool. After laughing raucously at what we were about to do and how ridiculous we both looked on bikes we headed on our merry way. No sooner had we got to the stadium bridge than we started panting at the slight hill (thank God we didn’t do the hell bunny ride), then we took a wrong turn and cycled around Adcock park before realizing we had done the wrong loop.

We eventually got to Woy Woy after being completely splashed and covered in mud and water – Noelle in water and I a pig in shit! Finally we saw Fishermans Wharf and my legs are like lead. A quick mandarin break and we were on our way back. We tried to do it in 35 minutes but just got too tired and ended up doing it in 45minutes (one way that is).

All in all a most enjoyable ride but next time we want to try the full trip in 1 hour.

Sore bum and sore legs will see us through this weekend but hey it’s a start

See you at the next jaunt (maybe)



  1. I'm not too sure about that 'swipe' at Volvo drivers. . . What's wrong with Volvo drivers?!

  2. Driving cautiously should be celebrated - especially when it comes to biker-bunnies :)
    I love the image of the pair of you cruising up the stadium bridge - WISH there'd been a camera somewhere! Promise to take one next time! - and pig in shit - gosh that conjures up a family-friendly image along the pathway!
    Seriously though, I bet you both looked the part and performed like true stars!! You're well on your way to the spring cycle girls!

  3. Well done fledging bunnies 1 down, a gazillion more exciting rides ahead. Slightly worried by Noelle's silence she does know the team motto "...but you can never leave!" doesn't she?


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