January 25, 2010

1st Bunny-ride for 2010

The Ride
18th January 2010 - Gosford Pool to Umina return 

Distance cycled - 50.2km
Speed - 16.5 km/h average 50.7 km/h max
Heart rate - 113 average 170 max
Calories burnt - 1440
Time - 4 hours 19 min incl stops

... and here's the adventure seen from the saddle of bunny Amanda:

An interesting article prompted me to write about our last bike ride from Gosford Pool to Umina Beach and back –

"...It seems to have escaped the attention of a lot of bicycle riders that it is a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists. It has also escaped their attention (to put it politely) that pedestrians do not have eyes in the back of their heads…"

I had a chuckle at this because we were cycling along this very path when an older lady (who I may add was right in the centre of the path) shouted at Annette ‘Would you like to cycle over me’ – Annette as usual was totally oblivious to this and had no idea the comment was aimed at her. Whilst I admit cyclists do (sometimes) need to be more conscious of pedestrians the same can be said of pedestrians who think they can take up the whole path and expect us wonderful health fanatics to veer into the grass and wave politely at them as if they were royalty………… there, I have had my whinge – now its all over!!!!!!!!!

This was actually a delicious ride, perfect weather and perfect company – Lou as usual up for a pose wherever she could and Annette laughing her merry way around the track. I surprisingly had a hangover and was not feeling to hot when I started but after a dodgy start I was raring to go (especially at the end when I discovered I had burnt 1000 calories).

Our first giggle of the day started when Lou told us that she wanted to go to the toilet even before we had started riding and that she wanted to go to the bike shop and get a stand on her bike. ‘No way’ I screeched – it will take hours and I was on a time limit. Dejectedly she cycled past the bike shop dreaming of her missed chance.

Posing bunny on our first stop

... more posing :)

Bunny Amanda in Woy Woy

Shortly after, Annette and I chuckled at the most intense cyclist we have ever seen – about 50 years of age with his lips tightly pursed and his eyebrows furrowed doing about 10kms – at least he was giving it a go!

Then we cycled along the beautiful Brisbane Waters to the end of Umina Beach where Annette and Lou both leaned their bikes up against the showers (no stand see) making it virtually impossible for any beach goer to have a shower.

We've reached our half-way mark

Note the bike having a shower...

3 beach bunnies

Acting like little pigs we stuffed our faces and then headed off to Woy Woy for coffee where Lou once again not missing a shopping opportunity headed over to ‘maybe do a little shop’. Annette couldn’t decide whether she wanted coffee here because last time we came, a little child had pooed in the toilets and you could smell it outside – too funny!!!!!!!! And no funny smells this time!

Posing coffee drinkers...

Back on our bikes and off home where I stopped every five minutes to see if I had got my dream job as Web Author at Sanitarium but alas I did not get the phone call til later in the afternoon and it was negative!

The beautiful waterfront ride!

Start gearing up for the 50km cycle from Cronulla to Homebush in the Go Girl Challenge March 6

Amanda :)


  1. Sounds like a great ride! I liked the bit about Annette and the pedestrian. Some people, however, don't seem to be able to share pathways. Andris and I were out for our early morning walk the other day and we met a man and a dog (on a lead - that is to say, the dog was on a lead). Man and dog took up the whole footpath and, instead of the man indicating to the dog that it could move over on to the grass, to let us pass (or the dog indicating same to man), both remained on the footpath and we had to move on to the grass! Sharing pathways obviously is in a league with 'equality'; some people have a greater right not to have to move from the pathway. . . .

  2. It is funny and not all to far from the Pig equality ;) thank you for visiting and brightening up this space with your comments :)


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